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Coca-Cola Refreshes Murals at Manuel’s Tavern

Fox 11 in Phoenix visits The Coca-Cola Collectors Club National Convention 2015


Swapmeet video taken at the 41st National Convention in Glendale, AZ - 2015

See what you missed!!


The Coca-Cola Collectors Club Celebrates Its 40th National Convention in Springfield, IL.

The local PBS TV station filmed on location at the Crowne Plaza hotel.


An American Icon at 100: The Making of an Exhibit

The Coca-Cola Company - Getting ready for the opening at the High Museum of Art in Atlanta.


The Coca-Cola Company - History of Coca-Cola Websites

 Coca-Cola Conversations


From The Coca-Cola Company -Norman Rockwell and Coca-Cola - American Originals

Coca-Cola Conversations


I'd Like to Buy the World a Coke Commercial - 1971

The Coca-Cola Company - Coca-Cola Conversations


Bill Backer interviewed about "I'd Like to Buy the World a Coke"
Coca-Cola Conversations


Coke Collectors Club - Springtime in Atlanta convention - Swap Meet - 2009
Coca-Cola Conversations